A world with a lot of Options

I woke up one day feeling that I’m not doing well with this life, not because of what I achieve or have but because I compared what I’m doing before to my life of wasting moments today.

I’m so lost last months and thought if is it because of my stressful work that sucks up my energy & creative juices? Then it came to the point where I finished my big project and yet I still cannot pick up my brush.

I contemplate, thought back my life before, when I was on my glory days of blogging. Even though I’m so busy with my school works that time I can still express a lot of my creativity. I even don’t have the same resources that I have now in contrast back to the old days.

And so I realize, it’s because of a lot of possibilities that had been laid in front of me. I’m still not rich but I can buy things for myself now. I can do whatever I can do already. But this is the time of the years where access to one another are so possible and it came to the point that people are focus only to see on what’s happening to other people and sharing every bit of what’s happening to them.

It’s good actually, saving everything in the internet, putting all the good memories of what you’re up to, what you’ve eaten, who you are with, what are your dreams, your passion. But not entirely. It’s a mixture of good and bad to people. Some became more insecure, competitive, paranoid, active, bullied, lost, etc.

But one of the things that is not good now, too much info in our fingertips resulted to distractions. Some people are focus on entertaining this other people, that these other people are just focused to be entertained and not productive anymore. Including myself. Some feel that he she wants to become this people. But there are a lot and it resulted to a lot of possibilities and ending up becoming nothing.

So, I’m learning to unplug myself from this frenzy. And doing a bit of the old school again. Lets see. I do hope this will not be my first and last post again on this blog for 2019.


Fresh start in Singapore as a Designer cum Quantity Surveyor and a Lifestyle blogger

Living in your own is a mixture of excitement and melancholy. Though it was my second time to work in Singapore since 2015. The feeling is still the same. There is a part of me yelling FREEDOM! and the love to discover things or live the adult life in my hands. But of course staying in a country, where more than half of the people you used to be with are not around, is a bit sad. You eventually create new memories. But for some, like me who is too emotional when it comes to separation, it’s not that easy.

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