Fresh start in Singapore as a Designer cum Quantity Surveyor and a Lifestyle blogger

Living in your own is a mixture of excitement and melancholy. Though it was my second time to work in Singapore since 2015. The feeling is still the same. There is a part of me yelling FREEDOM! and the love to discover things or live the adult life in my hands. But of course staying in a country, where more than half of the people you used to be with are not around, is a bit sad. You eventually create new memories. But for some, like me who is too emotional when it comes to separation, it’s not that easy.

Fresh fruit juice – sketchbook for galaxy

I love my country but I hate it. No, I hate those unworthy people involved in it, and because of that, citizens find it hard to live a life. Do not be mistaken of me as a whiner. My ambition is to live by the sea in our beautiful country with my dog and boyfriend is enough for me. But sadly we’re not that privileged and my parents are expecting something fruitful from their only child. That’s why I’m back here and might stay for a while.

On a lighter note, I tried shifting my career to less serious side of Architecture. I mean, more on graphics design or 3D modelling and rendering jobs, but I failed to do so. I’ll be working as a Designer cum Quantity Surveyor of a Design & Built company concentrated in interior designs of Government buildings. It’s challenging for me because quantity surveying is really not a joke specially that I’m not that used to doing it. But at the same time I’m curious if finally I will be able to use my creative juice in designing in line with my field.

Our little room shared with my 2 other roomates.

For the Lifestyle blogger in my title, I decided to create a new blog. As I remembered being a student, it was one of my outlets for creativity and stress. How did these opposing words come together? haha. But that time there was no such thing as “lifestyle blogger” or perhaps already existed but still doesn’t exist on my vocabulary. And as I was browsing to help me finalize what to write on my official 1st post, I was having a hard time to find my niche. I knew I should focus on art and architecture but there’s some kind of itch in me to also share what I’m learning or discovering. So I found out what lifestyle blogging is really all about. Before, I thought it was just for the rich, fashionistas or people of great interest like celebrities. But to my knowledge, anyone could be a lifestyle blogger. And yes, I do believe that each and everyone of us has their own story to tell, different point of views to express and experiences that can be shared in this world. So why not? I might be the representative of a Filipino woman, a struggling and aspiring artist, who happens to be a licensed Architect and designer cum quantity surveyor living on my own in Singapore. 🙂


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