new blog, new beginning

Hi! I’m Hazel and I’ve been blogging since August 13, 2010 (here’s a link of my 1st blog: But I stopped last 2015, I don’t know why? Maybe because adulting already damaged the once inspired, passionate girl who I’ve been before. haha.

Anyway, blogging was my life. I love sharing thoughts, learning, reviews or whatever stuff that will benefit my readers. Also I thought that posting something online is a great tool for my future son/daughters or great grand children for them to see and read. An online blog is also interactive; I could post photos, drawings, videos music and everything, literally.

Next, hopefully I’ll be blogging more about Architecture & Art with some sides for Food, Travel, Event / Places (right now Im in Singapore so I might post more about this country, BTW I’m a Filipino who is currently based in SG). Then a little bit of Fashion, Music, Film, Book. Don’t be surprised if I post some personal thoughts, but I’ll try to lessen my out of this world interests, but I said, I WILLLL TRY. haha.

If somebody is reading this, well thank you for standing by. From this day forward, Hazel Angeli Lapastora is now signing ON again. 🙂


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